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Elektronika Kifo - The Pic and Atmel microcontrollers


Microcontrollers – a routine in realization of electronics applications are no longer a barrier for anyone, because there are so many different development systems for their programming and use. On these pages you will find devices made with Atmel and Pic microcontrollers, with explanations, schematics, and pictures so you will be able to make some of them very easily. For now I have a few electronic devices, which are the result of my vision and approach to electronics, and I hope that you will not be too critical of the simplicity, but why use microcontrollers if you don't want the device to be small, with only a few components, cheap and perfectly functional. My advice to the beginners in programming microcontrollers is – make the most of features on microcontrollers without adding many other components and you will have a simple and safe device for use. I hope that some among you will have the inspiration for building one or more mentioned devices. Follow the link projects, maybe you will find something for yourself.

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